For the past two decades, I have been working on aluminum panels – attacking the metal with sanders, hammers, routers and drills. Surfaces of paint are layered, sanded, and stripped away, in a process that mirrors ideas about vestiges of time in my work. The layers of paint removed through this arduous process are not reconnected- stitched and woven together to create the Renewal Series. They reflect a spirit of renewal, of regeneration, of drawing on the past time and past events as inspiration for the future.
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“The work appears both spontaneous and meticulously planned. Drips, dribbles, and organic paint patterns are punctuated with mathematic precision and machine tooling. The overall effect is random and lyrical but far from accidental. I was immediately drawn to the works on their appearance alone, but after talking to Francie about her fascination with concepts relating to time and memory, her art became even more powerful to me.”

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