Fluid: Rhythms, Transitions & Connections

February 22, 2019

FLUID tackles the oft-unexplained complexities of human existence and visually ponders questions relating to loss, memory, and out connections to nature and one another. The artists; unique points of entry are each based on scientific exploration. Francie Hester focuses on the complexity and transitory nature of memory. Rebecca Kamen, with sound artist Susan Alexjander, explores the metaphysical relationship between water and the human body. Lisa Hill charts her parents’ signatures through the course of their lives, to examine how identity is formed and altered by the ravages of time and health.

FLUID also features Words as Legacy — A Leaf of Knowledge, an installation by Hester and Hill inspired by the words left behind by Brendan Ogg, a young poet who passed away from brain cancer at age 20. An integral element of the work  includes community knitting by more than a hundred participants.

Together, this work forces us to step away from our routines, seek the unknown, and create connections to one another, our past, and nature.

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