May 11 – July 1
Susan Eley Fine ArtNew York City, NY


March 4 – April 23
Fred Schnider GalleryArlington, VA

"Hard-edged yet improvisational, Hester’s artworks suggest both imaginary scientific diagrams and an industrial form of quilting. Also in the show are examples of two other series, the vertically oriented “Strata” and the smaller, square-formatted “Crossing Lines.” The latter set is inspired by literal as well as figurative lines, the artist writes, including headlines and bloodlines. The pictures appear methodical yet incorporate gestures that are soft and clearly intuitive. The reliance on metal panels and leaf doesn’t prevent Hester from employing a gossamer touch."

— Review by Mark Jenkins, The Washington Post, 2023
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Francie Hester Studio
Boulder, CO
‍Silver Spring, MD