Artist Profile, Reis Art Advisory
"Francie Hester is an explorer—exploring techniques in which paint can be applied and excavated and exploring topics ranging from brain scans of connectomes to Bi discs from ancient Chinese burial sites distilling it all down into works brimming with memory, healing and reflection." – Katy M. Reis, 2021
'Solo Exhibition at Susan Eley Fine Gallery,' Hudson's Happenings
"The lockdown was a unique time for everyone as it forced most people to radically change daily routines and even redefine how one uses and views their living and work spaces. For Hester this energy flowed through her artistic space and practice." – Katherine Quinn, 2021
'In the Galleries: University of Maryland Spotlights Six Former Students,' The Washington Post Review
"Among these [assemblages] are Francie Hester’s compositions on acrylic discs and aluminum bars — soft patterns on hard surfaces." – Mark Jenkins, 2017
'Taking Care of the Spirit,' Our Town
“Wordfall is a site-specific art installation inspired by Brendan Ogg’s poetry, conceived of by Francie Hester and Lisa Hill." – Our Town, 2016
'The Picture of Health: Art Exhibits in Cancer Centers Help Patients and Families Healing,' CURE
"'Wordfall' is simple, clean and modern, and soften[s] the feel of the space." – Marilyn Fenichel, 2016
'In the Galleries: Artist Francie Hester’s Pieces Show Allure Of The Old,' Washington Post Review
"Although the orbs may spin theoretically forever, their materials wither — with a little push from the artist — until they come to resemble primeval artifacts of beguiling mystery." – Mark Jenkins, 2014
'Elegantly Rendered,' Virginia Living
"Rooted in science and math, Maryland-based artist Francie Hester’s works are cerebral ruminations on memory and time and the phenomenon of patterns that emerge from within seemingly random events." – Sarah Sargent, 2014
'Art takes on a language of it own,' OnExhibit
"Constructed from more than 60,000 interconnected paper clips — each of which has been wrapped with small strips of printed paper and hung in strings, like a beaded curtain — the sculpture forms a kind of torrent of printed text." – Michael O'Sullivan, 2014
'Layer by Layer,' Home & Design
"[Her] laborious technique mirrors ideas at the heart of her work—the passage of time and its ravages, the hard-earned beauty that comes from experiencing life’s turbulence." – Tina Coplan, 2014
Featured Artist, Issues in Science and Technology
"Painter Francie Hester’s work explores the complex and transitory nature of memory." – Multiple Authors, 2014
'125 of D.C.'s Most Influential Artists Join Forces for a Community Exhibition and Benefit,' Huffington Post
"The vessel is a reflection on how one creates an alchemical environment for healing in Francie Hester's work; the exterior with its layering of lines provides protection to the inner sacred space." – Judy J. Sherman, 2013
'Fluid,' The Washington Post
"Francie Hester, who collaborated with Hill and others on one piece, also contributes the elegant "Domino Series," a series of aluminum squares, linked two-by-two and painted with acrylic and wax. Their juxtaposition of mathematical and biological forms gently evokes the essence of things." – Mark Jenkins, 2012
'Silver Sprung,' Inform Mag
"With such diverse activities and clients under one roof, MSA endeavored to honor the town's goal of an open, public space by creating a lively interior that affords views to other activities." – Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson, 2011
''50/50' Showcases Relationship Between Art And Cancer,' Huffington Post
"Before he passed away in February 2010, Brendan had written a book of poetry, entitled 'Summer Becomes Absurd,' which was published later that year. Since then, Jackie and artist Francie Hester have established Words As Legacy, an art collective celebrating the words and lives of Brendan Ogg and fellow community member, Diane Granat Yalowitz." – Emma Gray, 2011
Artists Circle Interview
"I used to work on canvas," she says, "but aluminum is more versatile to work with –– you can build up the surface and then scrape it away, exposing what's underneath." – Artists Circle Fine Art, 2009
Washington Women Artists at Osuna Gallery
"Likewise, Francie Hester works in abstracted forms on aluminum panel that speak to both Robert Rauschenberg and the encaustic panels of District artist Robin Rose." – Jessica Dawson, 2007
'Bexley Native Takes A Shine To Aluminum Panels,' The Columbus Dispatch
"Aluminum panels turn into abstract visions of color, geometry and texture in the art of Francie Hester — shown in the Rebecca Ibel Gallery." – Bill Mayr, 2007
'Silence Speaks,' Monterey County Weekly
"Together, the acrylics and wax on aluminum panels and the installation all communicate places of silence." – Crystal Barnes, 2006
'Articulation,' Pyramid Atlantic Art Center
"This installation was one of the most moving examples of the genre that I have ever seen, and it made me reflect on the power of words and art, when married together by skilled artists delivering something new and memorable to the dialogue of that often maligned genre." – 2005
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"This installation was one of the most moving examples of the genre that I have ever seen, and it made me reflect on the power of words and art, when married together by skilled artists delivering something new and memorable to the dialogue of that often maligned genre."

—Lenny Campello, 2008
Francie Hester Studio
Boulder, CO
‍Silver Spring, MD
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